InterSORB ™ prevents moisture and mold in packaging

InterSORB ™ prevents moisture and mold in packaging

InterSORB ™ prevents moisture and condensation in packaging

While moisture in food products is useful for food quality, excess moisture and condensation in closed packaging is detrimental to both product quality and packaging integrity, especially in the case of fresh fish products and raw meat. In those cases it makes sense to use InterSORB ™ moisture absorption sheets, says Leon Hoogervorst of Inter Fresh Concepts. He sees interest in this solution on the rise.

According to Leon Hoogervorst of Inter Fresh Concepts, there are three different options for removing excess moisture from the packaging: top seal films, special MAP packaging and absorption sheets. "The anti-fog top seal films have, as the name suggests, have an anti-condensing effect. In case of temperature differences during transport, condensation can form on the film, which then drips onto the product. This is at the expense of quality and shelf life. The special foils keep this moisture out because no droplet formation takes place. "

A second option is MAP packaging, whereby the addition of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2) or oxygen (O2) makes it more difficult for bacteria and fungi to multiply and fatty acids oxidize less quickly. This will delay product deterioration in a natural way for longer.

A third possibility is the use of moisture absorption inlay sheets. "With our InterSORB ™ sheets, the moisture that is released is immediately removed from the product," explains Hoogervorst. In this way, the quality of the product remains better and the shelf life is also extended. "He believes it is important to choose the right product. "The sheets should only extract the moisture that is released from the product, but not the moisture that is present in the product itself. Then the product becomes dry and you naturally want to prevent that as an entrepreneur. "

Market leader

Inter Fresh Concepts is the market leader in absorption pads. This concerns inserts for consumer packaging, but especially sheets for wholesale and export packaging. In a different composition, use in sea containers is also possible.

"We see the demand for these solutions clearly rising," says Hoogervorst. "On the one hand, companies want to guarantee a longer shelf life and on the other hand also improve hygiene. The released moisture forms a true source of infection and can easily be prevented with the sheets. Should a bacterial contamination occur, the moisture released in the sheets can be analyzed, so that any contaminated products can be quickly detected. "

Studies are underway on the use of alternatives to the sheets, such as cellulose and fructose. "Cellulose and fructose appear to have the same properties, but the results are not comparable to those of the absorption sheets. Moreover, these alternatives are a lot more expensive. "

Inter Fresh Concepts offers the sheets in various sizes. "For retail packaging, we have sheets of 95 mm by 113 mm. For the packaging for trade and industry have variants of 200 by 220 mm and 180 by 240 mm. But also XL sizes of 310 by 740 mm. For an explanation about the product, fishing companies can always contact us. " is using cookie tracking to optimize the website and analyze data. If you need to know more about our cookie policy, please click on the following link (ons cookie beleid). By approving the policy you give permission to use cookies on the website.