Moisture in packaging is disastrous for the quality of your product. Moisture provides bacteria and fungi with the ideal breeding ground for rapid growth. By using absorption mats, the moisture from the packaging is absorbed so that the product remains clean and the shelf life is extended.

Application and format

Melt water from flake ice can also cause your fish or vegetables to end up in a wet package. By using a moisture absorber, your product stays dry. Our moisture absorption mats can absorb up to 4 liters per square meter of water. In addition, we also offer absorption mats with a smaller moisture absorption capacity. The absorption capacity is indicated by the number in the item description. This represents the number of cubic centimeters of water per square meter that the moisture absorber can absorb.

The absorbent mats are thin and can absorb moisture from both sides. When the moisture is absorbed, the mat swells and the content changes to gel. The gel is encapsulated so that no moisture leaks. Our absorbers are approved for direct food contact and work perfectly in combination with EPS, Plastic and Cardboard boxes. You will find the standard sizes in our range. We can also make custom absorbers. Please contact our specialists for more information.

Difference between fishpads and meatpads

Our absorbers are indicated with FP or MP. The FP mats have an extra layer of laminate which encloses the absorber and protects it from damage. When an absorption mat has reached its full capacity, it becomes vulnerable. Therefore it is always important to use the correct absorption capacity of the absorbers. In a fish packaging with flake ice, this cannot always be accurately estimated, so an extra laminate layer may be desirable.

In addition to our standard range of meat and fish pads, we also have special absorption mats for fruit. We can also deliver these in the desired format. Ask for our specialists for more information.

8 articles
InterSorb 600
price on request
Size 22x20 cm
InterSorb 2000
price on request
Size 33x37 cm
InterSorb FP 4000 XL
price on request
Size 29x74 cm
InterSorb FP 600
price on request
Size 18x24 cm
InterSorb FP 1500
price on request
Size 24x37 cm
InterSorb MP 2500
price on request
Size 14x40 cm
InterSorb MP 4000 XL
price on request
Size 20x60 cm
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