EcoCoolBox Large

EcoCoolBox Large

Article number 98
Units per Box 1
Box per pallet 20
Top features
  • 100% paper based
  • Made of recylced cardboard
  • Future proof
  • Plastic free

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EcoCoolBox Large
EcoCoolBox Large
You order: 20 Box / 20 unit
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Product description

Highly insulating and environmentally friendly packaging

The EcoCoolBox is the environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional EPS box (tempex / styrofoam) when it comes to protecting and transporting products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

The EcoCoolBox is a unique, fully paper-based and environmentally friendly insulation packaging that has an equal or better insulation performance than an EPS packaging. The walls of the environmentally friendly cool box are provided with fine cardboard fibers. The fibers comply with European directives for contact with food. The boxes are also 100% recyclable and made from recycled cardboard.


Article number 98
Collection EcoCoolBox
Size 600x400x375 mm
Volume 49,8L
thickness 40 mm
Units per Box 1
Box per pallet 20

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