Insulating EPS boxes are ideally suited for the refrigerated shipment of goods. The EPS boxes, also known as styrofoam or tempex boxes, are made of expanded polystyrene. The insulation value of the EPS box is determined on the basis of the wall thickness. The thicker the wall, the higher the insulation values.
In addition to a high insulation value, EPS is dimensionally stable, lightweight and impact resistant. Your product is not only protected against external temperatures, but also against shocks. Another advantage of EPS boxes is that moisture and mold cannot grow on them. In addition, the insulating boxes are insensitive to UV radiation and reusable.

The styrofoam boxes are an ideal shipping packaging in combination with our cooling products. Depending on the product you are sending, you can use Ice Pack XL, gel packs or cooling elements. Ask our specialists for tailor-made advice.

Applications of EPS boxes

The applicability of EPS boxes is very wide. Thanks to the high insulation value in combination with the insensitivity to moisture and the low weight, this is the ideal conditioned shipping packaging.

EPS boxes are used for the conditioned shipment of, among other things, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and medical items. A product that requires a constant temperature during transport is suitable for transport in an EPS box. Fish is packed in EPS boxes in combination with Ice Pack XL. Due to the low weight of both the ice packs and the insulation boxes, the shipment of fresh fish is affordable and reliable. In addition, the same applies to meat, vegetables and fruit. Web shops can simply send their products by post thanks to the correct packaging and cooling. In most cases, EPS boxes are supplied in combination with a cooling solution or a moisture absorption mat.

Different sizes and insulating capacity

The insulation value of the EPS boxes is determined on the basis of the wall thickness. The size of the EPS packaging must match the dimensions of the product to be shipped. Unused air will make ensuring conditions more difficult. Our site lists the most common sizes that we supply. Would you like a custom EPS box? We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.

7 articles
EPS Box 10
price on request
Size 400x300x200 mm
Volume 10 L
EPS Box 17.5
price on request
Size 400x300x300 mm
Volume 17.5 L
EPS Box 30
price on request
Size 600x400x300 mm
Volume 30 L
EPS Box 4.7
price on request
Size 300x200x200 mm
Volume 4.7 L
EPS Box 45
price on request
Size 600x400x400 mm
Volume 45 L
EPS Box 27
price on request
Size 600x400x190 mm
Volume 26.95 Liter
EPS Box 25
price on request
Size 600x400x280 mm
Volume 46 L
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