About Ice Pack XL

Ice Pack XL is exported to more than 100 countries to ship meat, fish, medicines, vegetables and other preservatives refrigerated. We offer the ice pack sheets in different variants and sizes so that there is always a tailor-made solution. For special sizes or weights we are flexible to be able to deliver custom work.
In addition to the standard ice packs, we also offer the option of printing the ice packs with your own logo or text.

Different sizes, weights and types of ice packs

Ice Pack XL is manufactured in different sizes and weights. The usual dimensions and operations can be found on the website. For specific wishes, please contact our specialists. We are happy to talk to you to find a tailor-made solution.
In addition to the standard Ice Pack XL, Inter Fresh Concepts also makes Ice Pack Eco and Ice Pack XL 3 PLY. Ice Pack Eco has been developed due to the increasing demand for a plastic-free product. The plastic top layer of Ice Pack XL has been replaced by Kraft paper.

How does Ice Pack XL work?

The ice pack sheets are supplied as flat sheets. The ice pack sheets should be activated in the water. The super absorbent powder in the cells ensures that the water is absorbed. This creates a sheet of gel ice packs.
After the ice pack sheets have been activated in the water, they can be frozen. We recommend freezing Ice Pack XL at -18 degrees Celsius or colder. After a night in the freezer, the ice packs are ready for use.
Ice Pack XL meets all ISO standards and is suitable for direct contact with food.

Application of the Ice Pack Sheets

Ice Pack XL is widely used in the fishing industry as an alternative to shard ice. Our ice packs retain their moisture so that no leakage water gets into the packaging. This also ensures that our ice packs are ideal for transport by plane.
Not only in the fish sector, but also other foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruit and meat is cooled by Ice Pack XL. Pharmaceutical companies are also taking advantage of the convenience of the ice packs for cooling blood and medicines. Donor organs are also transported refrigerated with our ice packs.


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