Usage of Icepacks is growing in the market of fruit and groceries
Broccoli on transport to Spain, often a large scoop of ice is left over the box to keep the product in optimal condition during transport. However, the downside is that it becomes a mess on arrival. Leaking water everywhere under the pallets and also in terms of hygiene can be questioned. With an icepack you do not have that problem, in addition, in this way the temperatures for a certain product can be better adjusted.
Waste no more with InterSORB
Every year, 88 million tons of food disappear into the trash can. More than half of the food wasted comes from households. We throw away of 170 kg of wasted food per person per year. InterSORB ® extends the shelf life of fresh products and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.
Sending meat in the best conditions
Summer has started and the barbecues are smoking again. More and more consumers have discovered the online butchers. Here you can order top-quality of meat for a good price. But how does a webshop deliver top-quality of meat while there is often up to 24 hours of shipping time?
Environmentally friendly shipping fresh products
In order to maintain the quality of fresh products, the product must be packed chilled and insulated. Most commonly used are EPS packaging with cooling elements like gel packs or ice packs. With all the ecological changes, there is an increasing demand for a “green” alternative. Inter Fresh Concepts has responded to this by developing a new product.
Packaging solution for transporting fresh seafood
Leon Hoogervorst of the packaging company Inter Fresh Concepts in Noordwijkerhout has developed flexible cooling mats. According to it is extremely suitable as a substitute for flake ice, for example in air transport, combined transport or for the ambulatory merchants. Hoogervorst: “Ice Pack XL is light and have one cold release of zero degrees Celsius, so that the fish is not damaged. Moreover, the fish does not enter contact with the melt water. "
Improved quality of Ice Pack XL
Inter Fresh Concepts B.V., better known as producer and supplier of Ice pack XL, has further improved its product with 3 PLY.
Fresh packaging solutions for fruit and groceries
How do you ensure that your fruit and vegetables are always packaged refrigerated, regardless of your carrier? You put the cooling in the packaging!
Ice Pack ECO environmentally friendly shipping
Corporate Social Responsibility? Inter Fresh Concepts bv thinks along with you with the introduction of: Ice Pack ECO®
InterSORB ™ prevents moisture and mold in packaging
While moisture in food products is useful for food quality, excess moisture and condensation in closed packaging is detrimental to both product quality and packaging integrity, especially in the case of fresh fish products and raw meat.
Saving costs on transport and storage with Ice Pack XL
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