Absorbing moisture and condensation in a closed package. The absorbers from Inter Fresh Concepts are available in different sizes.


InterSorb is Inter Fresh Concepts' own brand. The Intersorb range consists of fishpads and meatpads. These products are perfectly suited for fish and meat packaging.


For deviating sizes from our usual range, please contact our specialists. We are happy to help you.

8 articles
InterSorb 600
price on request
Size 22x20 cm
InterSorb 2000
price on request
Size 33x37 cm
InterSorb FP 4000 XL
price on request
Size 29x74 cm
InterSorb FP 600
price on request
Size 18x24 cm
InterSorb FP 1500
price on request
Size 24x37 cm
InterSorb MP 2500
price on request
Size 14x40 cm
InterSorb MP 4000 XL
price on request
Size 20x60 cm
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