Online sale of fresh products is increasing. Good packaging is required to get the products in good condition to the consumer. Inter Fresh Concepts is specialized in packaging and cooling products to enable the shipment of fresh products. Let's get in touch to discus about the best solution for your company.

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Various webshops already send their product whith the packaging solutions of Inter Fresh Concepts. The EPS boxes offer excellent insulation, which protects the products against external conditions. The use of an EPS box in combination with Ice Pack XL ensures that your products maintain their quality. This combination can provide fresh articles with cooling for up to 48 hours.


With the arrival of the EcoCoolBox, ecological shipping is whithin reach now. The fully biodegradable box delivers the same insulation value as an EPS box. The 100% recyclable box meets the European guidelines for contact with food. In combination with Ice Pack Eco you have a fully climate-responsible packaging that can maintain the top quality of your fresh products.


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