Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

3x Eco-Friendly Packaging for Cooled Transport


In 2020 the Netherlands reached a new record: the number of webshop orders skyrocketed. Also, the amount of food bought online increased by 58 percent. Resulting in the highest growth measured so far. Transporting and delivering products and food is a big part of our economy nowadays. With the increase in deliveries and transportation, the demand for packaging solutions grew simultaneously. But with the amount of packaging needed, a new question arose: how can we transport our goods in environmentally friendly packaging? Especially when it comes to cooled transportation, eco-friendly packaging is sparse. In this blog, we share 3 eco-friendly packaging solutions!

  1. Eco-friendly thermal packaging: Eco cool box

The first sustainable packaging solution for cold products is an eco cool box. This cool box is an eco-friendly version of the traditional EPS boxes. EPS boxes are often used for the transportation of products that are sensitive to temperature changes. EPS boxes are made of styrofoam, which is plastic. Often users do not really know how to recycle styrofoam, so it frequently ends up in the burning ovens of the landfill. The EcoCoolBox has the same functionalities as the EPS boxes, like for example a good insulating effect, but it is a more sustainable alternative. The box is made of kraft paper and therefore easy to recycle. 

  1. Keeping it cool: innovative sustainable cooling elements

Another packaging necessity for cooled transport is a cooling element. These are often made of plastic. The cooling elements are also mostly used once or twice during their lifecycle. Therefore it is important to have a sustainable alternative for these traditional cooling elements. The Ice Pack Eco is a cooling element that is made of kraft paper. Therefore we changed the top-layer of plastic into kraft paper, which reduces the use of plastics to a maximum. Ice Pack Eco works just as ice pack xl, activate Ice packs with water and let them freeze. Once they are fully frozen, they are ready to go and keep your products cool! This eco-friendly packaging solution is just as good and has the same cooling capacities as our regular cooling elements.


  1. Green packaging for small retailers: mini eco packing

Eco-friendly packaging solutions should be available to all. And with the increase of webshop orders in the food business, we developed special packaging for retailers. With this mini box, you will receive around 200 ice packs. For most retailers, this is enough for the whole year. With the continuous release of cold, the low temperatures can be guaranteed for up to 48 hours. Enough to ship your webshop orders with fresh goods!


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