Fresh packaging solutions for fruit and groceries

Fresh packaging solutions for fruit and groceries

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How do you ensure that your fruit and vegetables are always packaged refrigerated, regardless of your carrier?

You put the cooling in the packaging!

Who does not know that your product loses quality during transport because it is not or insufficiently cooled?

A handy solution has been developed for this at Inter Fresh Concepts bv. The Instant gel ice packs known under the name “Ice pack XL”

Ice Pack XL is a plastic sheet that, when immersed in water, sucks with that water and is ready within half an hour and can be frozen and then placed in the packaging as a flexible Ice Pack to cool the products.

Cooling is an important aspect in the logistics chain and cooling is guaranteed by using Ice pack XL.

Benefits at a glance:

- Save space because there are just as many gel ice packs in 1 box that would otherwise fit on 1 full pallet.

- When freezing, the absorbed water remains in the gel ice packs even if it thaws again during the cooling phase, so no leakage water.

- Due to the composition of the materials, freezing of your product is practically impossible. It can even be placed directly on the product to be cooled without a protective layer.

- Minimal transport costs, significant cost savings when delivered to remote production locations.

- When Ice Pack XL is frozen, it remains flexible in the package and is therefore not a hard frozen package that could otherwise cause damage.

- Ice pack XL very interesting for air freight shipments because here the cooling of the products is often insufficient at the airports on and around the aircraft where the goods are often waiting in the scorching sun before being loaded on board. is using cookie tracking to optimize the website and analyze data. If you need to know more about our cookie policy, please click on the following link (ons cookie beleid). By approving the policy you give permission to use cookies on the website.