Sending meat in the best conditions

Sending meat in the best conditions

Sending meat in the best conditions

Summer has started and the barbecues are smoking again. More and more consumers have discovered the online butchers. Here you can order top-quality of meat for a good price. But how does a webshop deliver top-quality of meat while there is often up to 24 hours of shipping time?

For example compare sending meat to a day at the beach. You go to the beach and would like to drink your own chilled drinks all day long. Even if you decide to stay a little longer at the end of the day, you want every drink you take to be cold.

The same goes for shipping meat; at the end of the shipping period, you want your meat to have the same temperature as it had in the refrigerator. If the package is delayed because the consumer happens to be away from home, you want the quality of the meat to be guaranteed.

The art of packaging

In summer, temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius. Not exactly conducive to the quality of a piece of meat. The shipping package must protect the meat from external conditions. Insulation boxes are most likely used for this. The insulating walls ensure that the air in the wall comes to a standstill, which reduces the transfer of heat to a maximum. EPS or the EcoCoolBox are insulated boxes wich are used to ship meat. We listed the advantages of both:


- High insulation value keeps the internal conditions of the packaging equal.
- High impact resistance ensures that the product is protected against shocks during transport.
- User-friendly and lightweight
- Insensitive to UV radiation, moisture and mold.


- High insulation value similar to EPS
- Can be delivered flat so less space is taken up during storage of the boxes.
- Environmentally friendly and 100% made of cardboard.
- Recyclable.
- Easy to break down for the end user. The box can simply be put in the paper bin.
- User-friendly and lightweight.
- Gives your company a “green” appearance. In this way you show your customers that you and your customer actively contribute to improving the environment.

The art of cooling

Just like in your cool box with cold drinks, a cool box alone is not enough to keep the drinks chilled all day long. So you add cool packs or cooling elements to keep the temperature in the packaging low. When shipping barbecue meat, use can be made of dry ice or ice packs in the form of dry ice packs and gel packs. Gel packs and dry ice packs are made to ensure a temperature between 0 and 8 degrees. The constant cold release ensures that the meat is, as it were, transported in a refrigerator. But what is the difference between ice packs and gel packs? We listed the advantages:

Gel packs

- Easy to use. The gel packs just need to be frozen before use
- Constant cold release
- Suitable for direct contact with food

Ice packs

- No storage issues before using because the icepacks are delivered as flat sheets.
- Easy to activate by dipping in a water bath.
- Optimal cooling surface by multiple cells.
- Flexible and therefore to form around the product.
- Suitable for direct contact with food

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