Why Pallet Covers for conditioned shipping?

Why Pallet Covers for conditioned shipping?

How Pallet Covers optimize your transport conditions


Do you ship fresh products? Keeping the products in a good condition during transport can be quite a challenge. Fresh products need to be shipped under perfect circumstances. One of those being the right, and preferably, stable temperature. Maintaining this temperature during transit can be difficult. Especially since fresh products are subject to many external factors, such as temperature changes, light, bacteria et cetera. Pallet covers are the solution to maintain and assure the quality of your products during transport.

What are pallet covers?

Pallet covers are insulating sleeves made out of PE-Bubble and alufoil which protect your goods from external environmental changes. These covers are especially designed for conditioned transport on pallets. For example to ship fruits, vegetables, or flowers. The insulating sleeves ensure the quality of the product, even during long-term transport. The pallet cover slides around the pallet that is filled with goods. 


When do you need a pallet cover?

Pallet covers can be used to keep cold products cooled, or to keep products warm. Like fresh products such as food or flowers. Pallet covers are mostly used for air transport, because of the many temperature changes the cargo passes through during a flight. For example, during the export of fresh products from the Netherlands to Africa. The environmental conditions change a lot. Sometimes the pallets are in the sun for hours. By using pallet covers, you are protecting the products from many external conditions. 

How do pallet covers work?

Pallet covers have an aluminum coating. This coating in itself has an insulating effect because it reflects energy. The inside of pallet covers contains a layer of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap creates a layer of stagnant air which has an insulating function. So the outside of the pallet covers reflects the outside warmth and the inside of the pallet cover protects the cold air on the inside. Because of this dynamic, the pallet covers can offer up to 48 hours of protection for any fresh goods. By using the pallet covers in combination with gel packs, ice packs, or other cooling elements, you have the best temperature controlled packaging available. 

It is important to close the bottom of the pallet as well because this is where warm (or cold) air can enter.

Why is conditioned shipment important?

During shipment of fresh products, you want to make sure that the goods reach their destination with the same quality as it has at departure. The quality requirements are quite high when it comes to fruits, fish, vegetables, pharmaceutical products and way more. When products are transported under bad conditions, the quality decreases due to light, moisture or temperature changes. This increases the chance of the products being declined and therefore wasted. Optimum transport conditions are needed to protect your investment, but also the environment. Food waste is something we all want to minimize for the sake of our planet.

What are the best pallet covers?

There are different types of pallet covers available. We offer two types of pallet covers, one side alu and double side alu. The difference between these two is that the double sided cover has an internal layer of alu film as well. This reflects the internal energy as the alu layer on the outside reflects the external energy. Due to the fact that most of the pallet covers are used during airplane transport, you may also want to consider the weight of the pallet covers. The best cover is the one that matches the requirements of the product with the lowest weight and best price. Choose pallet covers that are compact and are high-density. This way you will protect your cargo and reduce the overall shipping costs, compared to fridges and freezers. 


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