Ice Pack XL 2x6 Roll IFC (3 Ply)

Ice Pack XL 2x6 Roll IFC (3 Ply)

Article number 34
Units per box 750
box per pallet 30
Top features
  • No storage issues
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Dutch design
  • Extreme long cooling

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Ice Pack XL 2x6 Roll IFC (3 Ply)
Ice Pack XL 2x6 Roll IFC (3 Ply)
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Product description

Ice Pack XL is a Dutch innovative top product. Ice Pack XL is an effective flexible cooling element that cools long and constantly. The ice packs provide cooling for 48 hours in the right pachaking.

Activate Ice Pack XL

The flexible cooling elements are activated by placing the sheets in the water. The cells absorb the water, creating a sheet of pads.

The cooling mat can be frozen at a temperature of –5 degrees Celsius and can be frozen up to -80 degrees Celsius. After freezing, the cooling element is still flexible and ready to use.


The 3-ply formula provides improved durability and fresher appearance of the ice pack. These icepacks have an extra protective layer of plastic that makes it stronger and more likely to reuse.


Ice Pack XL is produced according to ISO standards and the latest EC guidelines for food packaging.


Article number 34
Collection Ice Pack XL 3 PLY
Cell size 2x6
Size 14x40 cm
Weight 400 gram
Units per box 750
box per pallet 30

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