Fish must be protected from various external factors during transportation. Using the right packaging and best cooling solutions is essential for the highest quality of seafood. Inter Fresh Concepts is specialized in fresh packaging solutions for seafood. Curious how we can help your company? Contact our specialists for tailor-made advice.


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Ice Pack XL

Ice Pack XL is a Dutch innovative top product. Ice Pack XL is an effective flexible cooling element that cools long and constantly. The flexible cooling elements are activated by placing the sheets in the water. The cells absorb the water, creating a sheet of pads. After freezing, the cooling element is still flexible and ready to use. Ice Pack XL cools for 48 hours in the right packaging.


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An EPS box is being used for protecting seafood from external factors. The temperature in the box is stable because of the high insulation value. The thicker the wall of the box, the higher the insulation value. EPS is insensitive to moisture, UV-radiation and growing moldy.


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